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Back to the states

Our day in Hamburg we really eventful. Paul and I got out to Schwerin to see a 16th century castle. It was really neat even though it was under improvement so some of the shots were not quite as cool as they could have been.

It is a holiday today in Germany so every shop was closed except for a few food places. Thus I didn't get a chance to shop in Hamburg to pick up a few last minute things I needed. Oh well.

Tomorrow we leave from Hamburg for Minneapolis stopping by in Amsterdam. We are going ...

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On the streets of Copenhagen

Paul and I are sitting on the streets of Copenhagen "war walking." We were able to find an open wireless access point after a day of walking(we were not looking the whole time). There are many stores along the main roads of Copenhagen and we went around looking in many different stores and buying many different things. We are staying in Hotel Loven a small place just slightly more then a hostel. Copenhagen is cool.

Tomorrow we head down to Hamburg and we have some free time to spend around town. We will probably head to Schwerin to visit ...

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The middle of a European Adventure

Today Paul and I spent from 9:30 Thursday until 1:30 Friday getting from Jabel, Germany to Lund, Sweden. We had to go through Hamburg, Germany to drop of a computer Paul brought over here for a friend. Then it was on to Copenhagen, Denmark which was a four and a half hour train ride. A quick jump over to Malmo Sweden, a train down to Lund, and a walk to a dorm room brought is into our first contact with the internet in a week.

Since last Friday the 6th we have been in Jabel Germany. We biked ...

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Start of a journey

Today I drove ten hours to the middle of Iowa to hook up with paul. Tomorrow we are going to Minneapolis and then Thursday evening we fly to Amsterdam. After we arrive we catch a connecting flight to Germany. Then we spend a few days biking around the north part of Germany. Eventually will catch a train up to Coppenhagen and then fly to Sweden.

Pictures and updates as time and abilities allow.

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