The middle of a European Adventure

Today Paul and I spent from 9:30 Thursday until 1:30 Friday getting from Jabel, Germany to Lund, Sweden. We had to go through Hamburg, Germany to drop of a computer Paul brought over here for a friend. Then it was on to Copenhagen, Denmark which was a four and a half hour train ride. A quick jump over to Malmo Sweden, a train down to Lund, and a walk to a dorm room brought is into our first contact with the internet in a week.

Since last Friday the 6th we have been in Jabel Germany. We biked a minumum of 26km a day with to peaks of 50km and 100km. Many cool sights were seen and pictures taken. There are some really cool small towns in Western Germany.

Hopefully staying in hotels we will be slightly better connected from now on. Tonight we are staying in the nephew of a friend of Pauls dorm room in Lund University. Tomorrow it is off to Copenhagen after a meeting with a professor here. Then back to Hamburg on Sunday with time spent there until we fly out on Tuesday.

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